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Sri Dakshinamurti Swami
« on: March 30, 2009, 01:01:15 PM »
Sri Dakshinamurti Swami, Arunachalam, in his poorvasrama, was
born in a village called Kilalathur, near Tiruchirapalli.  His parents
not with out an issue, went to Arunachala and did giri pradakshina.
While doing, they heard a voice:  "Do not worry.  I shall be born as your son!".  Soon Arunachalam was born.

The child was dumb in his early years.  His father, Sivachidambaram Pillai, brought a monk to see his son.  The monk came and saw the child and told  his parents, 'The child is not dumb at all.  You can speak to him now."   The parents then asked the child: "O dear child,
why are you remaining with eyes closed?"  The child replied:  " I am remaining still, Summa Irukkiren!"  The monk then continued: "O child, who are you that  is remaining still?   The child replied: "You
yourself are I.  And I am myself you!"  The monk then exclaimed:
"Satyam, Satyam!" and then the monk vanished from the spot.  The
parents immediately realized that their child and the monk were both
Lord Arunachaleswara.  The parents died on the same day, after a
few years and Arunachalam left his village and came to Tiruvottiyur,
(remember Kavykanta Ganapati Sastri's penance here.). 

The child then came to be called Sri Dakshinamurti Swami.  He did many miracles, like curing a brahmin's daughter who was abnormal and cranky.  He then came to Tiruvarur and he stopped further wandering.

There was one Somanatha Mudaliar in Chidambram.  He was suffering from incurable colic pain and was about to end his life.  Nataraja appeared before him and said: Go to Dakshinamurti in Tiruvarur.
Mudaliar came to Tiruvarur and was praying to Sri Dakshinamoorthy in Siva temple.  The cure was not happening.  He again cried and asked Siva.  Siva said:  This is not the Dakshinamoorthy, I said. There is one Sri Dakshinamurti, wandering naked in this place. Go to him."
Mudaliar then met Sri Dakshinamurti, eating left overs from leaf plates that were thrown in front of his own house!  He went to him and prostrated.  Sri Dakshinamurti Swamigal then placed the leftover food which he had on his hand into the mouth of Mudaliar and then asked:  Did Natesan send you here?, meaning Nataraja of Chidambaram!  It was only after this, the Swami came to be called as
Sri Dakshinamurti Swami. 

A few days before his Maha Samadhi, Sri Dakshinamurti exclaimed:
"Finished!  Finished! Completely Finished!" and withdrew into a state of permanent Nishta, Absorption in the Self. He is said to have attained Maha Nirvana, around end of August 1835.  His Samadhi shrine is located at Madappauram in Tiruvarur.

(Source: Mountain Path, Oct-Dec 2005. An article by T. Venkatasubramanian and others.)

Arunachala Siva.