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Veera Subbaiha Swami
« on: March 30, 2009, 12:14:50 PM »
Veera Subbaiah Swami was Head of Kovilur Math.  He was endowed with strong faith and will, nad had the requisite influence and force
of character to found numerous Vedapata Salas and choultries and
renovate numerous temples in South India.  Swami first came to see
Bhagavan Ramana, with a number of Math Heads, when Bhagavan
Ramana was still staying in Virupaksha Cave.  He has also written
a commentary on Jnana Vasishatam.  He first saw Bhagavan Ramana's Ulladu Narpadu, (Sad Darsanam) and was thrilled at the profound meaning and rich experience embedded in His writings.  Kunju Swami used to visit Kovilur Math, in Tiruvannamalai, at Bhagavan's instance, whenever there was a function there.

Veera Subbaiah Swami renovated the Tiruturaipundi temple. This place is near Nagapattinam, in east coast.  On the car festival day of the renovated temple, the car did not move, after some distance.
The people told Swami to give an offering of goat or a cock, so that
the car would move.  Swami did not agree and went to the extent of saying:  If you are so interested, you can give me as bali, offering.
I am prepared to die for the sake of movement of the car!  He went to the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple and prayed intently to Siva for hours and then came back.  The car then was pulled and it started moving.  When the car came to the North Street, where Veera Subbaiah Swami was staying in a hut, they showed arti to Siva and Uma and people shouted Hara Hara, in ecstasy.  Veera Subbaiah Swami, who was very old and sick then, came out to see the arti, braced in the arms of his friend Subbarya Iyer.  As he was watching the arti, tears flowed from his eyes, and in front of the car, he departed from the world, in the arms of Subbraya Iyer!

Sri Kanchi Chandrasekara Saraswati Swami, who was witnessing the episode later said:  He was such a great soul that he merged with Siva at the appropriate moment!  The bali was also given by his own nirvana on that evening!

(Source: An article from Mountain Path, Jan-Mar 2009.)

Arunachala Siva.