Author Topic: Tamil Vedantic Texts adopted by Kovilur Math  (Read 3472 times)


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Tamil Vedantic Texts adopted by Kovilur Math
« on: March 30, 2009, 11:57:52 AM »
I mentioned about Kovilur Math in Tiruvannamalai, where Isanya Jnana Desikar's Samadhi is there.  Kovilur Math, unlike most of the
other Tamil Maths, in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, does not adopt
Saiva Siddhanta philosophy but Vedanta philosophy of Sri Sankara
and Bhagavan Ramana.  They have prescribed 16 Tamil texts of
Vedanta, some of them are translations/adaptations from Sanskrit
for their students apart from Vedas. 

These are:

1. Nana Jeeva Vadha KattaLai.                  2. Gita Sara Thaalattu
3. Sasi Varna Bodham                                 4. Maharaja Thuravu
5. Vairagya Satakam (                 6. Vairagya Deepam
7. Lakshna Vritti                                           8. Vedanta Choodamani
9. Kaivalya Navaneetam (          10. Viveka Choodamani
                                                                                 (Sans. Tr.)
11.Ajnana Vada Bharani                            12. Panchadasi (
13.Iswara Gita  (                        14. Brahma Gita (
15.Bhagavad Gita (                     16. Jnana Vasistham*

(* This is not Yoga Vasishtam.  This may be a

Of these Bhagavan Ramana has mentioned more about (9), (10),
(15) and (16).  A few mentions have been made about others too.

The Kovilur Math, has brought hard-back books on the first nine titles.

Among Prayer books that is Stotram, they have prescribed Tevaram and Tiruvachakam. 

It is surprising that they do not mention about Tirumantiram, of Tiru Moolar, a classic text on Siva Raja Yoga, presumably, because the
tows the line of Saiva Siddhanta.

Arunachala Siva.