Author Topic: Vichara Mani Mala and Bhagavan  (Read 2507 times)


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Vichara Mani Mala and Bhagavan
« on: June 27, 2008, 05:12:29 PM »
Mahatma Nischaladas wrote the Hindi Vichara Sagara.  This was
translated into Tamil by name Vichara Sagaram by someone later.
When one Arunachala Mudaliar, told Bhagavan that this Tamil
version is too difficult to read, Bhagavan wrote a simpler extract
called Vichara Mani Mala.  Since the authorship was originally claimed
by Arunachala Mudaliar.  Since Bhagavan had no interest in authorship,
He left it at that.  The Tamil "Complete Works", upto 1997 edition,
did not contain this extract.  However, it is found in Arthur Osborne's
2002 edition, in Bhagavan's name.  Vichara Mani Mala, contains
a good dialogue between Guru and disciple, regarding relative truth
(vyavaharika satya; empirical truth) and personal truth (pratibhasika
satya) which are experienced in waking state and dream state. (srkudai,
please see this book).  Arunachala Siva.