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Miracles Do Happen
« on: March 29, 2009, 01:43:16 PM »
Let us now hear from Ram Natesh, son of Natesh Iyer.

I graduated from IIT and was working in IISCO in Burnpur in 1960.
I had been sanctioned a four year fully paid scholarship from Rensselaer University, New York.  But the pass port, P form, visa etc., were not easy to come by.  After standing several hours at the US Emabssy, Madras, my visa was rejected on account of some minor mistake in a certificate.  I got vexed and almost lost hope for going to US.  I went to Tiruvannamalai and made a giri pradakshina.  There was some chance to meet Devaraja Mudaliar, Arthur and Lucy Osborne and Sadhu Arunachala.  After some brief conversation, Devaraja Mudaliar told me:  Those on whom the gracious glance of Guru has fallen, will never be abandoned.  Go with full faith in Guru.

I rushed back to Madras.  There were no queues at the Embassy.  I was perplexed.  I learnt that there was some strike and the Embassy was closed that day.  I went inside trusting Bhagavan.  The only lady assistant inside, on seeing my papers, looked at the one-page visa form for less than a minute, stamped it and gave it back to me with a greeting!

Later I worked as a Professor and a Chairman of a high technology firm in Utah.  Once I visited Arunachala Asharama in New York.  I met Swami Bhakta Bhagavatji.  On Fridays, they used to puja by playing tapes of Sri Lalita Sahasranamam and Sri Rudram. One Friday, Swam asked me to stay back and play the tapes at night though without pooja, since all of them were going to Canada!  That night I was playing the tapes staying in the New York Ashrama.  Suddenly a young man, well built and strong, with red eyes due to drugs came inside. He was looking angry and restless. I presumed he was a black Muslim, who were giving trouble in Hare Krishna Temples in US at that time.  The young showed a large knife and ordered me to stop the tapes. He could have easily stabbed me or thrown some bombs.  But I did not lose courage but continued the tape, silently praying for Bhagavan Ramana's Grace. 

Suddenly, I could hear in the background, the boy shouting and screaming and hitting the top of the table with a knife.  After sometime, I heard him give a high pitched scream and the iron gates of the Ashrama opened and closed  with a shattering noise. He was gone and the room was quiet for a few minutes.  I thanked Bhagavan for His mercy.  People started coming and going as usual thereafter.  I finished the listening of tape for six hours, closed the Ashrama gates for the night and slept peacefully near the deity. Next morning, I prayed to Bhagavan's photo in the deity room, saying:  "You give me Self Realization.  Enough of all these trials and tribulations."  Bhagavan Ramana seemed to ask me:  "Find out, who is that who wants Realization?, and you will get Realization."

I returned to Utah and started chanting Aksharamanamalai everyday there after!

(Source: Mountain Path, Jayanti, 2005)

Arunachala Siva.