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N. Subramanian Swamigal of Vedaptasala
« on: March 28, 2009, 01:16:06 PM »
Sri N. Subramanian Swamigal was born in 1927 and at the age of 15,
he came to Bhagavan Ramana as Vedapatasala student.  Though he
came as a student to learn Vedas, the demands made on him at the
Asramam in those simpler times extended to service in the kitchen, gardening and he did even electrical work at Morvi Guest House. Bhagavan Ramana used to step into the kitchen or Vedapatasala on His way to goshala.  Twice each day he chanted Vedas in Bhagavan's
presence and was blessed with Bhagavan's grace.  After a student life, he continued to teach and chant Vedas in the Asramam.  When Vedapatasala and Vedaparayana were closed after Mahanirvana of Bhagavan Ramana, in April 1950, he went for teacher's training.  He married and started a family. 

In 1954, Major Chadwick made great efforts to revive Vedapatasala and Parayana.  Major Chadwick wrote to Kittu Mama, the chief priest and got N. Subramanian Swamigal back to the Asramam.  He gladly took a monthly salary of Rs 15.00 as against Rs 49.00 paid earlier, and resumed his service to the Asramam and Bhagavan Ramana.  He totally served for fifty years in the Asramam.  N. Subramanian Swamigal was called Appichi Mama, by Vedapatasala boys and others because he had special liking for Indian sweets like laddu and modhakam.  In Tamil, the Brahminical collouqial word for sweets is Appichi.   Under Major Chadwick's eye, he performed Sri Chakra Pooja and Vedaparayana. 

Once in 1961, many years after coming to live permanently at the
Asramam, Appichi Mama was in despair.  "I have come to be in Bhagavan's presence and to serve Bhagavan," he thought, "yet in reality I am spending all my time doing mundane work.  Just when he decided to leave the Asramam, he had a vivid dream in which Bhagavan came to him.  Bhagavan Ramana was returning from His walk on the Hill, but arrived not behind the kitchen as usual, but instead, He came directly to where Subramanian was standing, near Lakshmi's Samadhi.  Bhagavan approached him and the young priest bowed to Him and surprisingly, found the following words from his own mouth:  "Bhagavan!  I have come to work!"  Bhagavan Ramana smiled, and looking at him said: "Yes, yes!" and with a kindly gesture gave His blessing!

Appichi Mama took his dream as inspired directly by Bhagavan Ramana it dispelled his doubts abut remaining at the Asramam.

During his fifty years as Asramam priest, Appichi Mama feels that the most rewarding feature of his work has been his role as intercursor for prayers and petitions made by innumerable devotees to Bhagavan.  The submissions were given to Appichi Mama who included them in his final prayers after the Parayana everyday!

In later years, Major Chadwick had purchased lands for both Kittu Mama (Krishnamoorthy Iyer) and Appichi Mama to build houses in Ramana Nagar and also contributed amounts to building expenses!

"They also serve who stand and wait", as Bible said about Gabriel who is the watchman at the gates of Heavens.

(Source: Mountain Path, Jayanti & Aradhana issues, 2005)

Arunachala Siva.