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Tiru ViLaiyadal Puranam
« on: March 28, 2009, 11:32:31 AM »
Once Abhisheka Pandya was ruling Madurai.  He was a great Siva
bhakta who was praying to Somasundara of Madurai, every day.
On full moon days, he used to do pooja to Somesundara night long,
with special flowers, rose water, sandal paste and camphor.

On a night of Chitra Poornima,  Indra came to Madurai for pooja to
Somasundara.  He had to wait for long since Pandya's pooja was
not over.  He hurriedly finished his pooja in the early morning and retruned to heavens.  Varuna, the rain god saw Indra sitting on his
throne in a sad state and he asked for the reason.  Indra explained
the reason.  Varuna laughed at Indra and said: There are several Siva temples on the earth.  Why should wait only at Madurai.  Indra replied:  In Pandya kingdom, Somasundara is the king of all temples. How can I go elsewhere?

Varuna then asked:  I am having severe incurable stomach pain. Even
the physician of devas, Danvantri could not cure it.  Can Somasundara cure my stomach pain? 

Indra replied:  "Why not?  What He needs is only true submission
and devotion.

But this fella, Varuna wanted to adopt a different method.  He wanted Somasundara to appear before him and then confer the blessing.  He asked the ocean to shower torrential rains on Madurai.  The rains came and there were floods everywhere.  The king was afraid of deluge since the sea was overflowing and screaming as if in Tsunami. He did not know how to protect his subjects from the calamity.  He rushed to Somasundara Temple and prayed to Him.

Siva wanted to grace the king and also punish Indra.  He appeared before the Pandya and told him:  Do not worry a bit.  I am sending the clouds from my matted locks.

The clouds from His matted locks swarmed the sky and descended on Madurai and sucked all the waters and also the sea in such a way the oceans on the East coast became half of its size!  The king became very happy and did special poojas at the temple.  The clouds from
Siva's matted locks became four great city-walls and protected the city of Madurai from then on.  Madurai also got a new name -- The
City of Four Walls. Nan Mada Koodal.  Varuna rushed to Siva and prostrated in shame and fear.  Siva told him to go back and do penance on Him for curing his stomach pain.

(Source: Tiru ViLaiyadal Puranam, Sage Paranjyoti.  Tamil Verses and prose rendering in between.  Sri Kasi Math, TirupanandaL.)

Arunachala Siva.