Author Topic: Now let us see Panchangam  (Read 1811 times)


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Now let us see Panchangam
« on: March 27, 2009, 04:21:36 PM »
Panchangam is a Indian almanac, which is formally read out in
temples on the New Year day, (Tamil/Malayalam or Telugu/Kannada
new year day, Vishu or Ugadi.  One day during Naicker king's rule
in Madurai, a poet who was also a great astrololger came to Naicker's
court to read out a poem on the New Year day to get some new year gifts.  The others in the court made fun of him (since he was also an
astrologer) saying:  Now that he has come, let us read Panchangam!

Panchangam is where one knows the tithi, nakshatra, karana, yoga
and muhurta of a day.  Since five things are mainly seen, it is called
Panchangam.  The poet immediately read a extempore verse:

O Siva, Nataraja, I see today your Panchangas.
The fire on your left hand burns up the karmas,
The drum on your right hand teaches the Pranava,
On knowing Pranava, I look at your right hand, abhaya kara,
That leads me to your left hand vara kara,
When I contemplate on that, it leads to me
To your kunchita pata*
Which makes me merge in your Sivam** (Consciousness). 

(* kunchita pata is the raised curved right foot.
** Sivam is Siva Consciousness, Self Realization.)

Here the Panchanga are left  hand, right hand, abhaya kara,
vara kara, kunchita pata.

The king and the other poets were dumbstruck.

Arunachala Siva.