Author Topic: Kanthimathi! Why not you speak to your husband?  (Read 1313 times)


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Kanthimathi! Why not you speak to your husband?
« on: March 26, 2009, 11:38:43 AM »
Kanthimathi or Vadivamba is the goddess in Siva Temple of Tirunelveli, where Siva is called Nellaiyappar.  One day, the poet
Chokkanatha went to that temple and as usual poverty burned him.
He prayed to Kanthimathi, the goddess, as follows:

O Kanthimathi!  Why not you speak your husband?  You both are
lying in a bed of pearls with lotuses spread all over it.  You are
a woman of bamboo-like shoulders where pearls grow!  You open
your mouth which drops pearls of sweet-nothings to Siva before
kissing!  You plant your pearls-like teeth upon His mouth which
is sour with the taste of poison!  At that time, why not you speak
to Him some pearls-like words to recommend my case for riches
and gold?

This poem consists imagery of pearls in many places!

(Source:  Stray Verses in Tamil, K. Subramania Pillai)

Arunachala Siva.