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Sri Ramana Ashtothara
« on: June 24, 2008, 11:43:34 AM »
Sri Ramana Ashtothara is a compilation of 108 holy names of
Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, which is chanted or meditated
in His shrine or at our homes.  This has been compiled by Viswanatha
Swami in Sanskrit.  There is one more version by one Sankarananda
Bharati, but the former one is usually practiced.  This briefly describes
Bhagavan's biography.  When someone asked Bhagavan about his
biography, He replied that the questioner can read the Ashtothara and
that will do to understand His life.  Viswanatha Swami has himself
made a Tamil commentary on this.  The Ashotothara and the names
with commentary are separately available in Ramanasramam and
recently a pocket edition has also come out.  Only two names other
than Bhagavan's are mentioned in the Ashototharam.  One is
Sundaram Iyer, Bhagavan's father and the other is Kavyakanta
Ganapati Muni.  Bhagavan's Mother is extolled simply as "Mother"  in "I
salute the One Who gave Liberation to the Mother!"  Here 'mother'
also refers to the Cow Lakshmi, liberated by Bhagavan!  The two
invocation verses for this Ashtotharam have been compiled by
Bhagavan Himself!  Arunachala Siva.