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Uddandi Nayanar
« on: March 23, 2009, 02:19:54 PM »
At a village called Tirumani near Vandavasi (in Tamil Nadu), there
lived a Saivite renunciate named Uddandi Nayanar.  He lived from
his family in a math.  He studied numerous texts of Tamil philosphy
but could experience neither peace nor the Self.  He visited Arunachala in December 1896 and during his circumambulation of the Hill, noticed the young tapasvin at the temple, completely lost to
the world in deep tapas.  Nayanar was much impressed and thought:
"This is tapas!  This is Abidance.  If such a one does not experience
the Self who else will?  By serving him I may also experience the Self."  Nayanar decided to stay under a nearby tree in that chilly
weather and devote himself to serving the young tapasvin.  Much
later Bhagavan Ramana described Nayanar as a personification of detachment. 

It was widely known by then that the Swami was an extraordinary tapasvin.  Nayanar stood guard  over the Swami and prevented crowds from collecting around him.  However whenever Nayanar
was away cooking their food, the persistent urchins would occasionally still harass the Swami.  Once when the Swami was in
deep samadhi, a particularly vicious urchin passed urine on his back
and ran away complimenting himself on his 'cleverness'.  When the
Swami regained consciousness he understood what had happened.
But, while Nayanar could not bear such behaviour towards his Swami and so felt deeply hurt, Swami, the personification of tolerance, remained completely unaffected.

One limitation for Nayanar was that he was too shy to speak to the
Swami unless the Swami spoke to him first.  Unfortunately for him
the Swami rarely opened his eyes, let alone spoke. Nayanar was reduced to sitting a distance studying philosphy texts such as Jnana
Vasishtam and Kaivalya Navaneetam though all the while receiving
the Swami's grace.  Nayanar was the young Swami's first attendant in Tiruvannamalai.

(Uddandi Nayanar left Bhagavan Ramana, after sometime.  He wanted to donate Rs 100.00 but Bhagavan refused to accept.  The money was left with some devotees in Tiruvannamalai town and was spent for printing and publishing some book years later.)

(Source: Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti 2004. Souvenir titled One
Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Grace.)

Arunachala Siva.