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Miracles Do Happen
« on: March 23, 2009, 11:24:33 AM »
Swami Tatvabodhananda writes in Mountain Path, Jan-Mar 2009

I went to Sri Ramanasramam in early 1944.

I was studying in a boarding school in Madikeri (Mercara).  My father
was a coffee  estate owner in Ponnampet.  Obviously we were quite
rich.  All of a sudden, even though I was studying in the 9th standard, I made up my mind to leave everything, go to Sri Ramana Maharshi
and take sannyasa.  I told my guardian in Madikeri to lend me Rs 100,
collected another Rs 60, from our group savings of boys and went
to Mysore by bus.  From Mysore, I went to Bangalore by bus.  From there by two trains to Tiruvannamalai, via Katpadi.

I met Sarvadhikari and told him about me.  Sarvadhikari was quite
baffled.  Nevertheless, he gave me room to stay for 3 days.  I had
no dhotis, so I went to the Hall to see the Maharshi, in gabardine
pants and silk shirt.  I saw Chadwick there.  As soon as I saw Maharshi, I found Him looking at me intently.  I sat for a long time,
with legs crossed and went on weeping!  Tears were flowing spontaneously and without end. Bhagavan Ramana continued to look at me intently.  Now I controlled my tears and was weeping with out noise!  At lunch, I sat near Him.  They had served rice to Him.  Bhagavan took a little of rice and placed it in my hand.  I started eating happily. 

On the appointed day, Sarvadhikari sent me a Note inside the Hall
which stated that I should catch the train to go to Katpadi.  I kept quiet.  Mouni Sadhu was sitting in the Hall. Someone whispered to
me: Pesungo, Pesungo!  (please talk, please talk). Then Bhagavan
Ramana Maharshi Himself talked to me in Tamil: "Nee Sadhu aagappore Samayam varudu!  Nee ippe pogalam!  ( The time is
approaching when you will become a sannyasi.  Now you can go!).

I could not say anything more.  I went to the Asramam Office, bought
Who am I and a biography in English.  I donated Rs 30 to the Asramam.

On arriving at Mysore, I bought ochre khadi dhoti and jubba.  I went
to the jungles of Madikeri and stayed there.*

(* Later he was found out by his parents, brought home back, he studied for some more years in the boarding school and eventually with parents' permission, joined Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mysore.)

(Source: Mountain Path, Jan-Mar 2009.)

Arunachala Siva.