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Miracles Do Happen
« on: March 21, 2009, 02:49:20 PM »
Once I was going on the eastern side of Arunachala Hill in full belief
and confidence that I had unreservedly surrendered to Sri Bhagavan.
Suddenly I saw a leper woman walking towards me.  Her face was
terribly disfigured by the disease.  Her nose had been completely
eaten away and its place was found two holes.  The fingers on her
hands had all gone.  She advanced towards me and extending the
stumps of her hands, asked me to give her something to eat. 

The sight of her disgusted me, frightened me. My whole frame shuddered with terror that she might touch me.  Overcome by repulsion, I hastened to move away from her. 

Suddenly I heard the voice of Sri Bhagavan coming clear and ringing from across the mountains.  It said:  To surrender to me is to surrender to everyone, for the Self is in everyone."  Hearing this,
I regained  my poise and offered the leper woman the plantains that I had in my bag.

In a few minutes, I saw myself standing before not the disfigured leper but a tall old man with white long hair and beard.  The man looked like a Rishi and was smiling.  When the thought of prostrating before the Rishi entered my mind, I saw before me the old leper woman again.  I bowed happy at heart, though somewhat confused in
mind and then resumed my walk up the Hill.

This experience taught me a new lesson and made me tread a new path. I have cited this as just one of the ways through which Sri Bhagavan teaches, guides and helps.

(From 1996 Souvenir celebrating the Centenary of Bhagavan Ramana, 1896-1996.  An article by a European devotee.)

Arunachala Siva.