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A Reality Bell
« on: March 20, 2009, 10:56:29 PM »
Janaki, daughter of Mr. A. Subbarayadu, the Deputy
Superintendent of Police of this place, asked Bhagavan, “I
want to do nama smarana always. But I am also keen on
getting higher education. (She is in the first year College
class). What should I do?”.

Bhagavan: There is nothing contradictory between the
two desires.

Janaki: If I am always doing nama smarana, how can I
carry on studies for which the mind is required?

Bhagavan did not answer. But Frydman and I told the girl,
“It was said both could be done at the same time.” Frydman
added, “Give the mind to studies and the heart to God.”

We are all like Janaki. We want to attain realisation and on the
same hand we also want our Samsara obligations also to be

Bhagawan did not answer to this question.

As long as we are like pendulum swinging between
Samsara and realisation, we will always remains with
our pockets filled with doubts, dissatisfaction...

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