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Sri Ramana Darsanam, March 2009. (3)
« on: March 20, 2009, 01:12:37 PM »
The Thursday had its own events, some of them are miracles.  After
breakfast in the Asramam, around 7.30 am, we went for Giri Pradikshana, partly by car and partly by walk.  After the first half,
we saw only board stating Isanya Lingam.  We wanted to go inside the  branch road leading to Isanya Lingam.  This is a Samadhi of Isanya Jnana Desikar, who lived in 16th Century and who was in charge of Kovilur Math, in Tiruvannamalai.  This Kovilur Math had a
special affinity for Bhagavan Ramana.  Their Math Office is also near the Samadhi.  This is where Bhagavan Ramana, was bought by the then Kovilur Math Head, in a bullock cart and was fed a feast on a day!  The Math Head also requested Bhagavan Ramana, who was then a lad of early 20s to 'teach' the Patasala students there.  Bhagavan Ramana explained some Gita verses there.   

The Kovilur Math had some surprises for me, or even miracles.  When I went inside the Math Office, I met one couple, who were Manager and his wife.  They were so courteous to us.  There, we saw three volumes of Kovilur Vedanta Tradition Books, which included Vedanta Choodamani, mentioned by the gentleman in the library in the previous afternoon!  The three volume HB book cost Rs 350.00, a rare
gem. It consists of 9 books out of 18 of Tamil Vedanta original works mentioed  to me in the library.  The couple then invited us to the pooja room, where Bhagavan Ramana's large size photograph, in His early twentys, was on the wall, with the painting of Sri Isanya Desikar's painting and Swami Vivekananda's photograph.  We were curious to see the picture of Isanya Desikar.  He was seen with large flowing hairs, meditating, and a tiger and a tigress were sitting on either side of him!  I asked the details.  The couple said:  When Isanya Desikar was meditating, some urchins and rogues were troubling him by throwing stones and live snakes.  Desikar opened his eyes and then told Arunachala Siva: O What is all these? Can You not help? 

Arunachala immediately came with Unnamulai, as tiger and tigress and stood guard to Desikar.  The trouble makers took to heels from that day.  When genuine disciples went to him, Desikar used to say:
Unnamulai and Annamalai, These are good people, please stay out!  The two will then retire to a tree nearby!

I was wondering about Bhagavan Ramana's life and its comparison with Desikar.  I could not control my tears.  All Jnanis' lives are similar with troubles and tribulations, during their earthy lives.  Bhagavan Ramana was also troubled with stone throwing by urchins in Patalalingam and Swami Seshadri came to His help!  Tigers and cobras came near Him.  One boy urinated on His body!

We completed the giri pradaksina and returned around 11 am.  Then I went into the book shop before lunch.  The miracles continued......

Arunachala Siva.