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Three Types Of Jnanis
« on: March 17, 2009, 02:51:34 PM »
Tripura rahasyam discusses three types of jnanis.

The jnani's of highest kind --- like Ramana ---are ever establised as Self whether involved in the worldly activities or not.

The jnani's of mediocre kind need to contemplate and remind themselves that they are the Self, when involved in the activities of the world. Such people do not need to contemplate when alone or not involved in activities.They tend to forget themselves when in activities.

The jnani's of lowest kind need to remember and meditate that they are the Self whether involved in activities or not. These behave more or less like ordinary jivas, though they know themselves to be the Awareness ... they are still not ripe.

There are three kind of vasanas that exist.
1) aparadha vasanas --- when a person does not have faith in his guru or does not believe in the scriptures.
2) Karma vasanas --- he is left with some karma to be done ... prarabdha karma is left to be done.
3) Kamya vasanas --- Desires to enjoy.

When a person has no (1) he can see the Truth... but when (2) and (3) are still there ... he remains a jnani of lowest kind. he is not yet a jeevana muktha.
When (3) is not there, but (2) is there ... he is a mediocre jnani.
when none are there ... he is a uttama or supreme jnani ... like Sri Ramana.

This is from Tripura Rahasyam.


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Re: Three Types Of Jnanis
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2009, 11:46:34 AM »
Dear srkudai,

Before I forget.  Living by the Words of Bhagavan, reprint, is available in the Asramam, from last Wednesday.  The book costs Rs 250.00 plus courier charges, Rs 60.00  You have to send a DD to Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, 606 603.

I happened to listen to one illustrious gentleman in Tiruvannamalai some verses from Vedanata Choodamani.  This is an old Tamil work of poems, on advaita and not on Saiva Siddhanta.  There are 18 such books in Tamil, which speak about Advaita, even though many ancient classics in Tamil extol only Saiva Siddhantam.  Of course, the difference between the two is minimal.

Vedanta Choodamani explains the three types of Brahma Jnanis.
One is like an elephant.  It eats the rice balls, jaggery, sugar cane, and plantains when only given by mahut.  This is like a Jnani who takes food when given, at his place.  The second is like a cow, which goes street after street, takes rice, plantains, etc., when given by the householders.  This is like Jnani who goes for bhiksha to streets and eats when given.  The third is like a man, who has copulated with a woman.  After the enjoyment, he wipes out the remains of semen from his organ and then blissfully sleeps.  There are Jnanis who take one gulp of  food and even in that half a portion remains at his mouth that has to be spitted out later.     

Bhagavan Ramana has displayed all the three qualities.  Pazhani Swami after giving one tumbler-ful of old rice mixed with water to Bhagavan found out that half remained in His mouth, when he was helping Bhagavan to brush His teeth and gorgle next day!  Bhagavan then took food in Virupaksha Cave and other places, the food offered to him, where He was, but He ate them fully.  In later years, in the Asramam, there were formal food arrangements and He took regular food at the Asramam. 

Arunachala Siva.