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Speaking of Siva
« on: March 14, 2009, 02:48:51 PM »
Veera Saiva movement took birth in Karnataka.  Its founder Basvanna,
was a brahmin by birth, but took cudgels against the Brahmin orthodoxy and rituals and casteism in 18th Century and started the movement.  Their only god is Siva.  His followers assembled in Kudligi, a place in Northern Karnataka and had a hall for their meetings.  Their god is Kudala Sangama Deva, the Lord of the meeting rivers.  In Kudligi, two tributaries of Kaveri go round the town.  And there is a Siva temple.  His main followers are three, who have sung
Vachanas, free blank verses in Kannada.  They are Akka Mahadevi,
the Elder sister, and Desi Ramayya and Allmma Prabhu, the author on Prabhulinga Leela, which Bhagavan Ramana mentions many times.
They were praying to Siva of various temples.

Akkamahadevi was a revolutionary.  She was roaming around naked, with treebarks around waist and leaves around her breasts.  She often mentioned Mallikarjuna of Sri Sailam, the Lord of Jasmine Creeper.

She sings:

1. People
     male and female,
     blush when a cloth covering their shame
     comes lose.

      When the Lord of our lives,
      lives drowned without a face,
      in the world, how can you be modest?

       When all the world is the eye of the Lord,
       on looking everywhere, sixteen directions,
       What can you cover and conceal?

2.    I love the Handsome One,
        He has no death, decay or form
        No place, or side no end, no birthmarks,
        I love Him, O Mother, Listen!

         I love the Beautiful One,
         With no bond, nor fear, no clan, no land,
         No landmarks for His beauty,

         O My Lord, white as Jasmine, is my husband,

         O Mother, take away these husbands who die,
         Decay, and feed them to your kitchen fires!

Sri AK. Ramanujan, a bilingual, has translated some of the verses
into English. 

(Source: Speaking of Siva, AK. Ramanujan, Penguin.)

Arunachala Siva.