Author Topic: Stray Verses on Bhagavan Ramana  (Read 1301 times)


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Stray Verses on Bhagavan Ramana
« on: March 14, 2009, 11:10:00 AM »
Once in 1944, Suri Nagamma was copying all Telugu poems in a notebook.  She chanced to see a Stotram written by Durbha Subramanya Sastri and she showed it to Bhagavan Ramana.  Bhagavan said:  "Look!  He has written saying, "What a simpleton you are!  The valuable knowledge you had gathered while doing tapas in the various caves in the Hill, you have not safeguarded by taking out a copy right and have scattered it all over!"   Bhagavan then smiled and said:  "He says I am a simpleton. Yes, that is good. Something or other!"

There was also a poem in Telugu written by Vinnakota Venkataratnam, and it was found among other papers.  The purport is as follows:

"He is the child of Azhagammal, this child is very gentle.
He is very delicate, He is very shrewd.
He does not talk at all; but when He talks, nectar spills.
He does not see at all; but when He does see, He sees within His Self.
He puts you off by feeding the hunger of the stomach;
But He does not show the path of deliverence.
He moves about unattached. He does not the show the path of un-

Bhagavan Ramana said that these people had come to the Asramam, before Suri Nagamma.

(Source:  My Life at Sri Ramanasramam and My Recollections of
Sri Ramanasramam, Suri Nagamma.)

Arunachala Siva.