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The medicine to cure madness
« on: March 13, 2009, 09:26:09 AM »
Gopalakrishna Bharati was a singer and composer of karnatic music.
He lived in 19th century.  He has made a music-drama called Nandanar Charitram, about that great Siva devotee, Nandanar.

He says in that work:

"There is a medicinal herb in Thillai, Chidambaram.  This herb has been carefully cultivated by a tiger and a snake.  This medicine is
beyond the reach of Brahma and Vishnu.  Half of this medicine has
already been consumed by Parvati. Even if you search the three worlds, you will not get this herb, unless you conquer your desires and anger.  This herbal medicine will cure all your madness.  But the herb itself is mad!"

The medicine is Siva, Nataraja in Chidambaram.  This was cultivated  by Vyakrapada, the tiger and Patanjali, the snake. This could not
be fathomed by Brahma and Vishnu.  Parvati took half of this herb, by occuping his left side.  You will not get this herb unelss you leave your anger and desires.  This will cure our worldly delusion.  But, this
herb itself is mad, Siva is madcap.

Bhagavan Ramana also sings in Arunachala Stuti Panchakam, "You are the medicine to cure my madness" (Arunachala Padigam V. 8)

Arunachala Siva.