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Song for gift of a baby
« on: March 12, 2009, 12:54:06 PM »
Saroja Krishnan was from Batticalao in Ceylon, (Sri Lanka today).   This Tamil family moved to Salem from Sri Lanka, when the second
world war was raging.  When they came to Salem, Tamil Nadu, they heard that Batticalao was bombed.

Saroja Krishnan writes:

"I had passed the teens and had been married for six years. People started advising me to visit this or that temple, go on pilgrimage or take up some vow for the gift of a baby. Even from my childhood, I
had been inordinately fond of babies.  Even my mother had petitioned Bhagavan on my behalf.  Bhagavan said:  "There is a song in Tiruppugazh -ThaNdaiyaNi VeNdaiyam...* - which is said to confer the boon of a baby on the singer.  I learnt this song and on three occasions, sang it in Bhagavan Ramana's Presence, accompanying
myself in veena.  It was only after this that my son Ramana Kumar
was born!       

(* This is one of the many songs of Saint Arunagiri Natha on Tiruchendur Muruga.) 

Similarly my sister-in-law Hamsa and cousin Sarada were among the girls who sang the song, "NeelangoL megathin Mayil meethe...*"
in Tiruppugazh and were happily married.

(* This song called Kalyana Pattu, Wedding Song, in Tiruppugazh comes under the General Songs.)

(Source: Reminiscences of Smt. Saroja Krishnan)

Arunachala Siva.