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Miracles Do Happen
« on: March 12, 2009, 12:11:12 PM »
G.V. Subbaramaiah's reminiscenes:

Around September 1944, I was anxious to get a bridegroom for my daughter Lalita.  In that connection, I had an idea of going to Kolar, from the Asramam.  When I sought Bhagavan's advice, He merely
said: "Don't worry.  It will happen when it is to happen."  Somehow,
I got the impression that Bhagavan did not approve of the Kolar plan and I dropped it.  The next day, Bhagavan recited a stanza from Tiruppugazh, (of Saint Arunagiri Natha), entitled Kalyana-Pattu,
Wedding Song and gave its Telugu rendering as follows:

" Thou who of yore aimedst the VeL (Sakti) against the ocean.  Thou who were a Yama to the whole family of Surapadma and his warrior
kinsmen, Thou who pattest Thy chest as saying: 'I am the Reality as the core of the four Vedas.'

"As my child beheld Thy splendour when Thou camest riding on the cloud-blue peacock, she fell in love with Thee.  Pray let Thy Grace
present her fragrant garland that adorns Thy chest!"

Bhagavan Ramana said that it was a general belief that if a girl's
parent should do parayana, (repeition), of that stanza, her marriage would soon come off. 

I noted down both the stanza and its Telugu translation and started
doing daily parayana about the end of September 1944.  Lalita's
marriage took place in February 1945.

This incident was typical of countless happenings in the Asramam.  Whatever it might be called, it was an unmistakable token of Bhagavan's Grace.

(Source: Reminiscences.  G.V. Subbaramaiah.)

Arunachala Siva.