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Miracles Do Happen - 2
« on: March 10, 2009, 12:41:02 PM »
Arthur Osborne continues....


In the afternoon, I was doing some weeding work in the garden,
head bowed and knees bent.  Suddenly, I heard a "thud" sound
behind me -- some animal jumping down a tree and approaching me
from behind.  In no time, it got on to my back and sat down. I felt
as if it were a bear for it had a lot of hair and was holding on to me,
with its hindlegs, gripping me around my chest from behind. My feeling at that time was not one of curiosity to know what it was,
nor fear, not even unpleasantness.  It was calm detachment.  I was
undisturbed and continued the weeding work.  Noticing my indifference, the animal started increasing its size and weight.  Soon
I had to bend forward owing to the burden on by back -- the weight
became unbearable.  Still I was undisturbed and felt no fear. Suddenly, it gripped my throat with its hairy hands and started
throttling me.  I was becoming breathless.  The grip was tightening me more and more. All this did not produce in me, a tinge of fear.
I remained mentally fully alert and undisturbed.  I felt I could breathe no more.   The grip still continued to be tightening.  Without any trace of fear, I felt I was going to die.


Then, the miracle took place!  At the thought of death, I heard
within me a sound, Arunachala Siva! Arunachala Siva!  I was not
making the sound but something else within me was doing it.
The intensity, volume and speed of chanting of the Japa increased.  It was a delightful experience to hear within you, a Japa, pronouncing itself and at the same time your being aware of the grip of death!  As the Japa continued, the grip on my throat started loosening.  The size and weight of the animal grew less and less. All the while the Ajapa Japa within me was going on of its own accord.  Suddenly the animal jumped away from my back and started running towards the tree -- I could hear its steps rushing back.   It climbed the tree and disappeared.   


Immediately I got back to my normal senses.  The Ajapa Japa, continued uninterruptedly.  I got up and searched for the beast,
but could not find it.  I was very happy, listening within me the charnt: Arunachala Siva! Arunachala Siva!


The next day, while Bhagavan was returning from His stroll up the Hill, I met Himand showed Him the letter and then narrated to Him what had happened the previous evening.  Bhagavan listened to me and when I stopped, He said with His benign smile:  "That is all
'they' can do.  Everything is alright!"  By 'they', He must have meant the guru who was a past-master in black magic and who made David write to me that threatening letter.  Bhagavan was a Purna Jnani,
the Perfect Sage.  When you come under the protection of a perfect Sadguru, even bad expereince caused by black-magic proves a
blessing in disguise. 

I had thus the good fortune of being inititated into the Ajapa Japa
of Arunachala Siva!  Arunachala Siva!

(Source: Moments Remembered. V. Ganesan. Sri Ramanasramam., Tiruvannamalai. 2nd edition, 1994)

Arunachala Siva.