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Re: Ribhu Gita and Bhagavan
« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2008, 12:42:38 AM »
Although I had the "knowledge" that I Am Brahman, All Is Brahman, I realise that it wasn't really a conviction.  In the Ribhu Gita, it strucked me in the direct and strong way it is written, and its importance to Self-Realization. A residual doubt was still lingering inside which the Ribhu Gita removed.

It is not a "thought" that one repeats, or go arounds constantly concentrating on I Am Brahman. It makes me think of Sri Ramana's example which he often said to devotees:  "Do you have to repeat I am a man all the time to be convinced you are a man?"

Thus if you are convinced (Bhavana) there is nothing else to "do".  Just dwelve in that I AM.

It has also to be understood that it is the Self, not the ego.

Reading texts like the Ribhu Gita is a blessing, Grace flowing from Self.

I want to add a correction here.  In fact Sri Ramana did say that the thought I Am Brahman is alright, and that it will eventually dissolve. Thus when I wrote that it is not a thought, I was mistaken.

I believe that Sri Subramanian also said this. It is the same as holding on to the I-thought.
Oh Arunachala, blazing fire of Jnana, in my heart I pray and think of Thee from afar, root out the ego, merging me in the Self.


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Re: Ribhu Gita and Bhagavan
« Reply #16 on: July 17, 2008, 02:00:58 PM »
Dear "non duel" / "srkudai",  My comp did not work for 15 days due
to some unknown problem. That gave me time to read David Godman's
book "The Power of the Presence" in 3 volumes.  Bhagavan said to
Annamalai Swami:  Contemplate on the thought "I am Brahman". 
Bhagavan prescribed different ways for different seekers.  To one
'outcaste', He had prescribed:  Chant "Siva-Siva".  This one thought
eventually result in "no-thought" and that is Self-realization. 
Eventually, as non-duel said it is the conviction or bhavana that is
the most important thing.   Arunachala Siva.