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Tiru ViLaiyadal Puranam
« on: March 08, 2009, 11:55:24 AM »
This is a story about a dispute between a brahmin and a hunter,
which the Pandya King could not solve and Somasundara, Siva
of Madurai solved it!   There are some underlying truths.

Once a brahmin and his wife were going into the jungle on travel.
The lady was pregnant and she was tired and feeling very thirsty.
The brahmin asked her to rest at the foot of a tree and set out in
search of water.  In the meantime, there was an arrow that was
lying, stuck on the leaves of the tree.  When the wind blew the
arrow fell on the lady's stomach and killed her with child inside.
It so happened, a hunter was resting under a nearby tree.  The
brahmin came back, found the horror and also saw the hunter.
He thought that the hunter had killed his pregnant wife.  Both
went to the Pandya King.  In spite of the hunter claiming innocence,
even after severe punishment meted out to him, he was imprisoned.
The king also got confounded.  Later the king and the brahmin
prayed to Somasundara, who told them that they would know the
truth when they went to a wedding conducted nearby.  They went
to the wedding.  The marriage was about to be completed with mangalya-dharanam.  At the time, both the persons 'saw' two messengers of Yama standing in the gate and 'talking' to each other.
One was telling the other.  "I am waiting for the completion of mangalya-dharanam.  Then I will take the life of bridegroom.  See!"
The marriage was over and in a few seconds, the bull tied outside the house, tore the knots and rushed and pierced the bridegroom with its horns and the groom died. The messenger then laughed and told the other:  "See this is how, I killed the brahmin lady also in the morning!"  There the blame was on the hunter and here the blame would be on the bride's ill luck."

Both understood the truth and prayed to Siva in Madurai temple.  The hunter was released!

(Source: Tiru ViLaiyadal Puranam, Tamil classical songs.)

Arunachala Siva.