Author Topic: How to get rid of Vasanas etc., ? - 15  (Read 1501 times)


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How to get rid of Vasanas etc., ? - 15
« on: March 07, 2009, 03:07:54 PM »
Padamalai verses are being continued:

Verse 1283:

The mind that had died in pure consciousness, mere being, will surge
forth, resurrecting itself as "bhuma" (the all pervasive reality).

Muruganar has said in his small prose work, called Genuine Guidelines
for True Seekers:

That which frightens people into regarding the natural state as real
death, is false knowledge in the form of individuality.  It is for this
reason that ignorance has to be destroyed prior to liberation, which is pure consciousness, the Reality.  Know that it is this death that is praised by synonyms such as 'destruction of ego', 'self-surrender',
'loss of ego', 'mano-nasam' ('destruction of the mind') and 'Vasana-kshaya,' ('destruction of vasanas'), which is the final means of liberation. 

The decad of Settila Pathu, in Tiruvachakam, meaning, "Decad of Why I am not yet dead?", also speaks of this same aspect.   Saint Pattinathar also instructs, "Wander around like a dead person!".
The statements of the great ones expressing the same idea are innumberable.

Verse 3003:

Only when everything shines as consciousness alone, can the mind-
impurity be said to have perished.

Verse 1190:

True Jnana, the expereience Sivam, that rises in a dead mind, will
extending to the very heavens, leap and surpass (everything).

(Source:  With profound gratitude to David Godman and others,
and to Muruganar who inspired them.)

Arunachala Siva.