Author Topic: How to get rid of Vasanas etc., ? - 14  (Read 1384 times)


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How to get rid of Vasanas etc., ? - 14
« on: March 07, 2009, 02:19:00 PM »
Muruganar says that it is Guru's feet, that transformed his destiny
and attitude.

Verse 1696:

Padam, made me worship it through the Siva-Puja that surges naturally in a mind, in which Vasanas have perished.

Verse 2800:

Padam, through the power of Swarupa, the Pure Being-Consciousness, totally eradicated the powerful mischief of Kama, (god of desire), from my Heart.

Verse 1302:

Virtuous golden Padam intensified my surging desire, so that my
mind is naturaally established totally in his feet.

Verse 2905:

Padam, the enjoyment I have found, is experiencing, as the prasad of Siva, clarity of mind.

Verse 2634:

My existence craves for nought save the pure expanse of the Self,
in which everything exists and shines as Sivam.

{Saint Manikkavachagar, in his last poem, Acho Padigam, (Decad
on Oh! Oh!) sings:

He is the Father, who severed the dirts of my mind,
And made me Sivam, and rules over me!
Oh! Oh! how can I describe that grace?
Who can get that?

                     - Tiruvachakam,  Acho Padigam. 51.1}

Verse 157:

Padam destroyed the power of Prarabdha and firmly established
me in the Heart so that I do not lose my mind to prosperity or

(Saint Manikkavachagar again sings in Acho Padigam:

I was roaming around with sinners who do not know the virtues,
He is the Mother,  who who severed all the three malas*,
That Primordial First, considered me worthy and placed me, this
     lowly dog,  on a  pedestal,
Oh! Oh! who can get that Grace?

(* the three malas, are ego, karma and maya)

                              - Tiruvachakam, Acho Padigam. 51.9.}

Verse 2755:

Appropriating the title deed to my Heart, effulgent Padam resides
there, keeping me from falling under the power of Vasanas, the

{Saint Manikkavachakgar sings:

You gave You to me and took me to You,
Sankara ! Who is wiser of the two?
I got endless bliss, what single thing you have got from me?
You are residing in my Heart, My Lord! O Siva who stays in Tiru
O My Father! Isa !  You are staying in my body, what recompense
                                                    can I pay? 

Tamil verse starts as: "Thanthathu un thannai, kondathu en thannai, Sankara yaar kolo chaturar?....."

                                          - Kovil Tiru Padigam, Tiruvachakam 22.10}

(Source: Padamalai, Muruganar. Tr. and Comm. David Godman
and others.)

Arunachala Siva.