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How to get rid of Vasanas etc.,? - 9
« on: March 07, 2009, 09:55:21 AM »
Muruganar has got some more verses in Padamalai, where he describes the nature of Vasanas.

Verse 2081:

The nature of thoughts that arise in the mind will be in accordance with the old Vasanas.

Bhagavan:  Vasanas themselves are the mind.  If there are no
Vasanas, there is no mind. That which is, is Sat. Sat is Brahman.
That is self-luminous.  That is Atman, and that is the Self.

Verse 1270:

The disturbing agitation of mind that occurs when one attempts to
get firmly established in sadhana is a normal occurrence that is
prompted by the rising of Vasanas.

Verse 1271:

If at that time you hold tightly to the power of the grace of the Parasakti that has possessed  you, the Vasanas that agitate your
mind and distress you will be completely destroyed.

The power of the grace of Parasakti, is the inner feeling "I am"
and this feeling is referred to by Murugnar as Tiru AruL.

Verse 1682:

Unless the destruction of all Vasanas, is accomplished, it will not
be possible even for Iswara to bestow the state of liberation.

Verse 2301:

The felicitous state of immovable peace that never falters will be
attainable only to those who have destroyed the ancient multitude
of Vasanas putting an end to all attachment.

Question:  Since the realization is not possible without vasana-
kshayam, (destruction of Vasanas), how am I to realize that
state in which the Vasanas are effectively destroyed?

Bhagavan: You are in that state now!

Question: Does it mean that by holding on to the Self, the Vasanas should be destroyed as and when they emerge?

Bhagavan:  They will themselves be destroyed if you remain as you are!

(Source: Padamalai, Muruganar, Tr. and Comm. David Godman
and others.)

Arunachala Siva.