Author Topic: Bhagavan, Manickavachagar and Thiruvachakam  (Read 4106 times)


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Bhagavan, Manickavachagar and Thiruvachakam
« on: June 11, 2008, 06:09:38 PM »
Manickavachagar is a great Saivite saint, who wrote two groups of
poems called Thiruvachakam and Thirukkovaiyar.  The first one is
again a collection of 51 subgroups of poems, about his life and his
Siva-experience.  Bhagavan liked this work very much and it was one
His faourite works.  He used to refer to this often in His talks and
conversations.  Bhagavan has said that Thiruvachakam has to be
experienced and one should not try to understand this thorugh
intellectual knowledge.  I am reading Thiruvachakam since 1990.
I had a practice of reading one sub-group per day. I went through
David Godman's website today and was
delighted to find an extensive article on the above topic, narrating
Bhagavan's various talks which covered Thiruvachakam.  Muruganar's
Ramana Sannidhi Murai and Guruvachaka Kovai, are patterned on
the above two groups of poems by Manickavachakar.  David has also
given a translation of Siva Puranam, the first poem of Thiruvchakam,
after the translation of Ramana Puranam of Muruganar.  I want this
website to be seen by the members and also their reaction on
Thiruvchakam, if some of them had read this book of divine poetry.
Arunachala Siva.