Author Topic: Vasanas and pursuit in Self abidance - 11  (Read 1363 times)


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Vasanas and pursuit in Self abidance - 11
« on: March 04, 2009, 05:58:51 PM »
After describing Guru's Grace, Muruganar describes Guru's feet,
which are the seat of Grace. Guru Padam and Guru Hastam confers
Guru krupa. 

GVK Verse 308: As worship of the feet of the Guru simultaneously
destroys the twin Vasanas accumulated over endless aeons, and as
it brings forth in the Heart the dawn of jnana hat is the cause for our not being frightened of indescribable ignorance, that worship, performed with devotion and reverence, alone is the befitting true
mantra for noble disciples in whom dispassion is strong.

{Saint Manikkavachagar starts Tiruvachakam, Sivapuranam, the first
song as Glory to Namasivaya!  Glory to my Master's feet!  Muruganar also says Guru Padam is Guru Mantra.  The entire Tiruvachakam is the glorification of Guru's feet.}

Muruganar continues in prose: The twin Vasanas are the inauspicious and auspicious, asubha and subha, vasanas.  As worship of the feet of the Guru, by itslef, enables disciples to attain the excellent benefits of mantra yoga, which are destruction of the mind and Jnana, that worship is said to be 'true mantra'

GVK 311:  Bear in mind that the true puja to the Jnana Guru is only the Self-abidance in which the vasana-free Mouna surges once the disciple-consciousness that proclaimed itself as "I" is destroyed by the raging fire of the consciousness of the Jnana Guru who is God Himself.

(Source: Guru Vachaka Kovai, Muruganar, Tr. David Godman and

Arunachala Siva.