Author Topic: Vasanas and the pursuit in Self abidance - 7  (Read 1401 times)


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Vasanas and the pursuit in Self abidance - 7
« on: March 04, 2009, 01:25:52 PM »
In Verse 249, Muruganar describes the seat of Jiva and with Jiva,
the vasanas.

As the jiva remains settled in the Heart, which is (real and) not
illusory, its Vasanas (must) also dwell there.  If, instead, they
remain stored in the brain, in the highest chakra, the Sahasrara,
then would not the Vasanas perish when the head is severed.

Bhagavan has mentioned in one of His conversations:

When I was on the hill, Nayana (Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri)
once argued that the brain was the seat of the Vasanas, because
it consisted of innumberable cells in which Vasanas were contained and illuminated by the light of the Self which projected from the Heart. Only this set a person working and thinking.

But I said:  "How can it be so?"  The Vasanas must be with one's Self and can remain away from the Self.  If, as you say, the Vasanas be contained in the brain, and the Heart is the seat of the Self, a person who is decapitated must rid of his Vasanas and should not be reborn!  You agree that it is absurd.  Now can you say that the Self is in the brain with Vasanas? If so, why should he head bend down when one falls asleep?  Moreover, a person does not touch his head and say "I".  Therefore, it follows the Self is in the Heart and the Vasanas are there in an exceedingly subtle form.  When the Vasanas are projected from the Heart, they are associated with the light of the Self and the person is said to think.  The Vasanas which lie imbedded in an atomic condition grew in size in their passage from the Heart to the brain.  The brain is the screen on which the images of the Vasanas thrown and it is also the place of their functional distribution.  The brain is the seat of the mind, and the mind works through it. 

So, then this is what happens.  When a Vasana is released and it comes into play, it is associated with the light of the Self it passes from the Heart to the brain and on its way it grows more and more until it holds the field all alone and all the other Vasanas are thus kept in abeyance for the time being.  (Talks 616).

If one concentrates on the sahasrara, there is no doubt that the ecstasy of Samadhi  ensues. The Vasanas, that is, the latencies,
are however not destroyed.  The Yogi is therefore bound to wake
up from the Samadhi, because release from bondage has not yet
been accomplished.  He must still try to eradicate the Vasanas, in
order that the latencies yet inherent in him, may not disturb the peace of his Samadhi.  So he passes down from the sahasrara to the Heart through what is called jivanadi, which is only a continuation of the sushumna.  The sushumna is thus a curve.  It starts from the solar plexus, rises through the spinal cord to the brain, there bends down and ends in Heart.  (Talks 616)

(Source: Guru Vachaka Kovai, Muruganar, Tr. David Godman
and others.)

Arunachala Siva.