Author Topic: Vasanas and our pursuit in Self abidance+  (Read 1314 times)


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Vasanas and our pursuit in Self abidance+
« on: March 04, 2009, 10:44:19 AM »
Further, Muruganar says in Verse 80 of GVK:

The Self that is encountered in the self-shining true state of turiya, is the broad and shady bodhi tree that frees Jivas  completely from the triple miseries (tapattrya)* that they experience by running around in the desert, that sapless and empty world-dream which appears through the whirling of the ancient Vasanas.

{ I mentioned the shadow and shade example yesterday.  The Self, or the Guru is the broad bodhi tree, that frees Jivas completely from the triple miseries that happen through Vasanas.}

The triple miseries are those that brought about by oneself, (cancer due to smoking), those brought about by natural events, (fever due to rain or becoming blind due to lightning) and those occur as a result of fate or supernatural agencies, (like Ayyappa devotees' van meeting with an accident, while they are going to Sabarimala.). All the three are unexplainable.  Sometimes even heavy smokers do not get cancer.  All that go in the rain are not hit by lightning.  All that go to Sabarimalai do not suffer in van accidents. But the fact that remains is Vasanas are there and they cause triple miseries.

(Source: GVK. Muruganar. Tr. David Godman and Ors.)

Arunachala Siva.