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Tiru ViLaiyadal Puranam
« on: March 02, 2009, 04:38:00 PM »
There was a great king called Rajasekhara Pandyan. He learned all
the 63 of 64 fine arts, like painting, sculpting, hair dressing, facial
beautification, archery, stick fight, swimming, boxing, wrestiling etc.,  Somehow he did not want to learn Bharata Natyam, because Siva is dancing Bharata Natyam, and he should not become equal to Siva by learning bharata natyam.  One day, a minister from Chozha
Kingdom came to see him. The minister said that his king was an expert in all 64 fine arts including bharata natyam.  The Pandya King felt sad.  He decided to go to Somasundara temple in Madurai and seek permission from Siva for learning bharata natyam.  He did mediation inside the temple, for many days without sleep and food.
He also prayed to Siva: "O Lord, for me to learn bharata natyam, you should give  me permission, because You are the Primordial Dancer, and for giving permission, you should shift your legs and dance for a while in Madurai.  This will also reduce the pain of your legs, because your right leg is always on the ground and the right leg is always lifting up.  Please grace me." 

Siva agreed to the Pandya king's request and on the midnight of Sivaratri, He shifted His legs and continued His dance.  This called
"Kal Maari Adiya Ambalan."  The Lord who, shifted his legs and danced.  He is also called VeLLi Amablam.  There is in Madurai, a beautiful stone sculpture, where Siva stamps His left foot on the ground and dance with the raised right foot!  The raised foot is always called Kunchita Padam, the raised or curved foot.  There is a beautiful set of poems by Umapati Sivam, a Saiva Siddhanti of Chidambram, titled Kunchitangri Sthavam.

I bow to That raised Foot!
Which removes my ignorance,
Which I have been calling as knowledge!

Arunachala Siva.