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Miracles Do Happen
« on: March 02, 2009, 01:36:01 PM »
Once in 1941, G.V. Subbaramayya was leaving the Asramam after
a regular visit.  The day of his departure arrived.  GVS's son-in-law
had been ailing badly in his place and he had not heard from home for a fortnight.  His mind was full of misgivings that his health might have deteriorated.  As he went to take leave of Bhagavan, he was seized with a dread of losing hold of his sole support and falling into an abyss.  He wept and told Bhagavan how I dreaded returning home.  Bhagavan Ramana gave him, an infinite look of compassion and said:  "Don't fear. Your people have not written to you expecting your arrival.  You will find your son-in-law much improved."  When
GVS reached home, he rejoiced to find that Bhagavan's words were perfectly true in every respect.  The people at home told him, that  they did not write to the Asramam, since they were expecting his arrival next day! "What a touching marvel of Bhagavan's Grace", says  G.V. Subbaramayya in his Reminscences.

Now, an added note of mine, for disbelievers!

Not only this miracle but every miracle of Bhagavan Ramana happened withthout His convoluted volition or sankalpa or wish.
They happened just due to the Power of the Presence, the phrase, David Godman loves and kept it as the title of his three volume book.  A Brahma Jnani, does miracles thorugh his Presence.  The first over-riding clause is, that the devotee should have unshakeable devotion and faith and surrender in Him.  Again, it does not mean that Bhagavan Ramana would even bring the dead back to life.  He never did such a thing.  He has Himself said:  If I start doing that, then this Asramam would be full of corpses.

A second over riding clause is:  It depends on the prarabdha score board of the victim or the sufferer.  If his prarabdha deigns fit to leave him alive in good health, it would happen.  If not, it will not happen.

About the chance-theory.  Kakailiya nyayam.  The palm fruit does not fall when the crow perches on the tree, everytime!  And that is why it is chance.  But Bhagavan Ramana's Power of Presence always works, provided the above two are prevalent, the devotee's intent
devotion, surrender, and bhakti.  Seconldy, the sufferer's balance in his prarabdha.

(Source: GVS, Reminsicences.)

Arunachala Siva.