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Uma making fun of Siva
« on: March 01, 2009, 11:46:30 AM »
Once Uma told Siva proudly: " I am Narayana's sister. See his glory.
But what glory have you got?  Narayana selected you as my husband
and I do not know why?'  Siva smiled.

Uma then asked:  "You are wearing dangerous serpents all over your body.  I am shivering with fear and I do not like this."

Siva said: "You are talking like this.  Your brother is lying on a big serpent, Adisesha and Lakshmi is not afraid.  How come?"

Uma then continued: "You go to every house and beg.  Look at the riches of my brother!"

Siva said: "O don't tell me.  I go only to those who give me with full heart.  Did not your brother go to Vidhura and take cold gruel?"

Uma then said:  "You are bluff-master.  You lied to Siruthondar saying that you wanted fresh human flesh. You lied to Kannappa with a false eye injury."

Siva said: " O You are talking about my bluffs.  Your brother is only a grand master in bluffs.  In Mahabharata war, he uttered several lies.
He even lied to Yasoda saying that he did not eat sand."

Uma said: "You got nice beatings from Varaguna Pandya."

Siva said:  "Anyway, was it not better than the beating that your brother got from Yasoda, the cowherdess?"

Uma said: "You say you are an ascetic. But you stole the chastity of
8000 married women in Daruka forest."

Siva said: "O You are talking about that.  But what about your brother who enjoyed 16000 married women, the gopikas in Brindavan!"

After this the green creeper like emerald queen Uma decided not to leave the Ruby like king Siva and became part of his body.

This is the poem by Saint Poet, Sivaprakasa Swamigal, on Arunachaleswara.   

(Source: Stray Tamil Verses. K. Subramanya Pillai.)

Arunachala Siva.