Author Topic: Why Bhagavan is different from other gurus/Jnanis  (Read 1539 times)


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Why Bhagavan is different from other gurus/Jnanis
« on: March 01, 2009, 09:48:11 AM »
The next thing, I found is the food.  When He left Madurai, He was
in constant state of bliss and the food was not His concern.  At Tiruchirappalli Junction, he bought a country apple and with one bite
of it, His hunger got satiated.  The on His way, at KiLur, He was given some rice by the temple drummer.  Then He had some food at the hotel.  Subsequently He was fed nicely by Muthu Krishna Bhagavatar's sister and was given a sweet packet too.  On reaching
Ayyankulam tank, He threw away all His belongings.  Thereafter, He took food only when it came.  Ratnammal, a devadasi, in Tiruvannamalai, came with her cousin and fed Bhagavan Ramana for some days.  Then the stay in the Hill.  All that was brought by the devotees were made into a fluid and He took less than a tumbler for a day.  Then the Aksharamana Malai days, when Pazhaniswami brought food from the town.  Cold rice, without salt and that too once in a day.  Then when Mother Azhagamma came to Skandasramam for good, the cooking started!  She was Annapoorani, who started the kitchen fire and hot food began to be served!  Bhagavan Ramana thus came to understand that Annadhana, is the most important dharma one can do.  The fire started in the kitchen by Azhagamma sometime in 1916, burns even today in the Asramam and the people are being fed day in and day out.

What about Bhagavan?  He Himself took interest in kitchen work for some years in the present Asramam.  But, He used to eat only by mixing everything in one lump.  But He took care of others' food.  The first question, that He would ask the visitors was:  Had you food?  If it was not, the visitors were asked to go to the kitchen to take breakfast or lunch. Again, He insisted that the sadhus and beggars should be fed first and that too the same type of food that others would eat.  Today, the sadhus are fed around 11 am in the morning, even before others adjourn to the dining hall.  This practice is not there anywhere else.   

I have seen in Sankara Maths, food is given daily.  But only for selected few and not for all.  In Sri Ramakrishna Math, they again feed selected few only.  On festival days, SRK Math distributes Prasadams in leaf cup for everyone.  In Dharmasthala, in South
Kannada district, in the temple of Manjunathaswamy, the food is served to everyone, if they go at lunch time.  The sadhus and beggars are served afterwards.

Souvarne ratna kanda rachite pathre grutam payasam,
Pakshyam pancha vitam payo dadhi yutham...........

                                      - Siva Manasa Pooja, Sankara.

Arunachala Siva.