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There is no par to the devotion to the devotion shown by Nayanmars. Bhagawan Ramana used to have tears instantly when he used to read the glorious stories of the Nayanmars.


Guru is God. The same Lord Who is never separate from us, Who is our sustainer and
support appears to us as the visible form of the Guru. He who adores the Guru with faith and
devotion will attain all Siddhis (psychic powers) and eternal bliss. Perumizhalai Kurumba Nayanar
excelled in Guru Bhakti. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva and Siva Bhaktas, too. He heard of
Sundaramurthi Nayanar’s greatness and mentally accepted him as his Guru. To him, Sundarar was
the sole refuge. He adored the Guru in thought, word and deed. By the Guru’s grace, he attained all
the Siddhis. He was immersed in Siva Bhakti and Guru Bhakti.

In the meantime, Sundarar came to Tiruvanchaikalam from where he was taken to the
Lord’s Abode. Kurumba Nayanar, through his Yogic powers, came to know that this would happen.
He did not like to remain in this world after the Guru: and, therefore, through the method of Siva
Yoga, Nayanar cast off his mortal coil and reached the Abode of Siva, a day before Sundarar’s

Salutations to the 63 Nayanmars


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Re: Nayanmars
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Dear Ganesh_b01,

The stories of all the 63 Siva Saints are heart-melting.  They belonged
to different classes of social order at that time.  A few were brahmins, a few were kings, a few were traders, and the rest
were other classes.  What bound them together was their love and
devotion to Siva.  Saint Manikkavachagar particularly refers to Kannappar, the hunter and Chandikeswara, the brahmin boy.  Kannappar got liberation in six days.  Bhagavan Ramana has wept while narrating the story of Kannappar. Chandikeswara, is the one
who cut his father's legs because the father kicked the milk pot and the Siva linga.  Siva came to Chandikeswara and says: "We are proud of your devotion.  You come to our abode, and be the guard for my temple.  The food that is submitted to me, the flowers that are adorned on me and the dress I am given to wear, will be shared with you!  Chandikeswara was born on Seynjalur on the banks of Kaveri river.  This place is famous on many counts.  I shall write separately about this place.

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Nayanmars
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Dear Subramanian,

One cannot avoid but reading the stories of Nayanmars really touch the heart. No matter how many hardships one faces whole day if one reads these stories, they pacify the heart and calm down entire system. Breathing becomes very normal, a divine feeling arouses, the room vibrates with divine presence, you can feel the air touching your skin and communicating with you. We can hear/feel silence within us, all objects appear to be the residing place of Parameshwara.


This saint was the king of Velas in Kodumbalur. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Siva. He
had made arrangements with all the Siva temples to perform worship according to the Siva Agamas.
There was another Siva Bhakta in the same locality doing Maaheshwara Puja. He became very poor
and so he could not continue his Puja and feeding of Bhaktas. So, one day he entered Idangazhi
Nayanar’s granary at night and began to steal paddy. The watchman caught him red-handed and
took him to the king. The king learnt on enquiry that the Siva Bhakta’s motive for stealing was to
feed the devotees of the Lord. The king let him go.
This incident opened the eyes of the king. He realised that nothing belonged to him and that
the real owners of his property were Lord Siva and His Bhaktas. So, he gave permission to all Siva
Bhaktas to enter his palace and granary and take whatever they wanted. Thus he displayed his zeal
for the spread of Saivism. Thus he earned Lord Siva’s grace, too.

Prostrations to the 63 Nayanmars and our Beloved Bhagawan.


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Re: Nayanmars
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Dear Ganesh_b01,

I read your story of Idangazhi Nayanar.  With intense devotion and
total surrender to Siva, any crime is pardonable.  This is one of the
underlying themes of Periya Puranam.  Someone asked a discourser:
How come, Chandikeswara's crime and sin of cutting his father's
legs, get pardoned.  The discourser then said what I mentioned above.  Parasurama killed his mother, for the sake of his father.
Narasimha killed Prahlada's father for the sake of Prahlada's devotion.  Some of the Nayanmars have done such heroic deeds, though they may appear as crimes, for the sake of intense devotion to Siva.

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Nayanmars
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Dear Subramanian,

Today, It is Gods will that the story of Chadikeshwarar is posted. you have been writing about this great Nayanmar and also today in Shankara TV, a discourser gave a discourse on Chandikeshwarar. I began to read this great story, its very powerful - Ughram - devotion to Shiva.


Vichara Sarman (who was later known as Chandesvara Nayanar) was born in
Tiruchaijnanallur, which was famous for Vedic recitations, Tapas, and Siva Bhakti. He was a
prodigy. At the age of five he had learnt the Vedas, and all the Agamas, by himself, on account of
previous Samskaras. After his Upanayanam (sacred thread ceremony), he learnt the Vedas, under a
Guru: but the Gurus were wonder-struck at the intelligence of the disciple. He wanted to attain Final
Emancipation in that birth.

One day Vichara Sarman, with his friends, was walking along a road. He noticed a cowherd
severely beating a cow because it had slightly pushed him with its horn. Vichara Sarman could not
endure this. He was greatly moved and spoke to the cowherd: ‘Oh ignorant man? Do you not know
that the cow is worshipful and divine. All the Devas dwell in her. She is indispensable for all
religious activities. It is our sacred duty to tend and protect the cows. Whoever harms the cow is
hurled into the Naraka. Whoever worships the cow wins a place in heaven or in Siva’s Abode. You
have committed a great sin today. Hereafter, you need not tend to the cows: I will do that myself.’
Vichara Sarman took the work upon himself from that day.

The cows grew healthier. They liked Vichara Sarman very much. The Brahmins who got
more milk thereafter were able to fulfil their religious duties very well, and they were pleased with
Vichara Sarman. There was so much of surplus milk now, that Vichara Sarman, who loved Lord
Siva and His worship, decided to perform Abhishekam for Lord Siva. He used to sit under an Atti
tree on the bank of the river, construct a temple from the mud, and also make a mud-image of Siva
Lingam and offer the milk, to bathe the Lingam. Then he would perform Archana with the Atti
flowers. The cows were giving plenty of milk both to Vichara Sarman and to the Brahmins.

One day, when Vichara Sarman was doing this Puja, a villager happened to pass by, and he
watched all this. He reported the matter to the owners of the cows, and complained that Vichara
Sarman was pouring precious milk on mud and river sand. These Brahmins summoned Vichara
Sarman’s father, Echhadattan, and passed the complaint on to him in rather strong terms. The father
was naturally shocked. He came home, but did not speak to Vichara Sarman. He wanted to find out
for himself. So, the next day, he followed Vichara Sarman at a distance without his knowledge.
When Vichara Sarman began pouring milk on the improvised Siva Lingam, the father, without
understanding the son’s wonderful devotion, hit him with a stick. The boy was so much absorbed in
his Puja that he did not even feel pain. Then, the father, getting still more angry, knocked the
milk-pot down. It was then that Vichara Sarman realised that his father was interfering with his
worship and had committed an unpardonable offence against Lord Siva (Siva Aparadham). He at
once took a stick and hit his father’s leg: by the will of the Lord, the stick was transformed into an
axe. Again, by His will, it killed the father. It was to test the depth of Vichara Sarman’s devotion. He
was so engrossed in the worship, that he did not mind what had happened and continued the

Lord Siva was immensely pleased with the intensity of Vichara Sarman’s devotion and
appeared before him, with Parvathi. Vichara Sarman prostrated before the Lord. The Lord
embraced Vichara Sarman and fondled him. That very instant, Vichara Sarman attained the divine
Form of Lord Siva. The Lord removed a garland from His own neck and put it around Vichara
Sarman’s. He had attained Saroopya Mukthi (liberation, with the attainment of the form of the
Lord). The Lord said: ‘My child, you cut your own father’s leg for My sake. Now, I am Your Father.
You will soon attain Chandikesvarar’s Abode. You worshipped Me with food, clothes and flower
garlands. In the same manner, you will also be worshipped.’ The Lord disappeared. Vichara
Sarman also went to the Abode of Chandesvarar. No sin attached to him, for having killed his own
father, because of his supreme devotion to the Lord. His father, too, because he was killed by such a
great devotee of the Lord, was purged of the sin of interfering with His worship, and reached the
Abode of Lord Siva.

Prostration to the 63 Naynmars and our Beloved Bhagawan


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Re: Nayanmars
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Dear Ganesh_b01,

Chandikeswara was made as a guardian angel of Siva's temple.
This is a post.  Chandeswara Nayanar will be in that post till
the end of Kali Yuga.  His shrine will be near the Tirmanjanam
outlet, (from where the abulations of water, panchamirtam,
coconut water, milk, turmeric water, honey etc., pour out.)

The devotees visiting the temple are expected to take this water,
a little bit from the outlet and then take leave of Chandikeswara.
We have to tell him to mark our presence, by tapping with three
middle fingers of the right hand on the left palm. The tapping
should be done, in a low noise.  People clap heavily as if Chandikeswara is deaf.  It should not be done.  The practice
of pulling out two thread from our clothes and giving them to him,
is again a practice which is not there in scriptures.  We should only tell him that we are not taking anything from the Siva temple, excepting prasadams like vibhuti, kumkum, cut coconut, fruits, flowers etc., given by the priests.

Chandikeswaras are there for Ganapati and Muruga too.  For Uma,
she has got female guardian angels like Tara and Matangi and
Kurukulla Devi.   

In Arunachala temple, there is a Periya Puranam verse, on a small
board,  which states:  O Son, I have given you a post, in which you
are eligible for my food, flowers and clothes....

Arunachala Siva.