Author Topic: Siva, do you want flesh of the piglet too?  (Read 1805 times)


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Siva, do you want flesh of the piglet too?
« on: February 24, 2009, 02:03:24 PM »
Saint Poet Kalamegam, went to have darshan of Siva in Tiruvidaimaruthur, a place near Kumbakonam.  Here Siva is
said to stay under a jasmine creeper and is called Madhya-arjuna.
It is like Sri Sailam, where Siva also stays under a jasmine creeper,
Malliakarjuna.  The saint sings looking at Siva:

O Siva of Tiruvidaimaruthur!  You have taken the meat of Kannappa also with all love.  You have taken the cooked human flesh given
by Siru Thonda Nayanar too.  Are they not sufficient for your hunger?  Why then did you eat the flesh of the piglet too, by roasting it yourself with your eye on the forehead? 

The allusion here is on the third one.  Kannappar's story and Siru Thondar's story, we know.  They come under 63 Siva Saints.  Kannappa gave roased animal flesh and Siru Thondar gave his son cooked, to Siva.  The third one, is the flesh of piglet, which Siva roasted Himself with his third eye.  This is Manmatha, god of love.  He is the son of Vishnu.  Vishnu took avatara as a pig, varaha avatara.  So Manmathan is piglet, the child of the pig!

(Source: Stray Tamil Verses, K. Subramanya Pillai.)

Arunachala Siva.