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Miracles Do Happen
« on: February 23, 2009, 11:55:08 AM »
K. Vithoba Kamath is from Thirthalli, a small town in Nothern Karnataka. He was born in 1924.  While he was studying in Central
College, Bangalore, he was attracted by Mahatma Gandhi and he wrote a letter to him, asking whether he could join Sevagram. Gandhi replied to him to complete his studies and then think about other things. Before he proceeded to join Gandhi's ashram, in 1946,
he wanted to see Bhagavan Ramana, as he had read about him in
M.V. Kamath's book. 

He got down in Villupuram to proceed to Tiruvannamalai.  He enquired about the town to the station master.  That guy gave him all unpalatable misinformation about Bhagavan and Asramam.  However, he proceeded to Tiruvannamalai.  When he saw Bhagavan in the Hall, he found Him radiating splendour to devotees with sublime grace.  He used to sit at the last row in the hall.  Oneday, he
wanted to see Krishna, and intently looked at Bhagavan, he saw a dark clud engulfing Him and from within emerged Lord Krishna.  He was at his wit's end.  He first thought it was a hallucination and so he wanted to see Gandhi.  He looked at the couch.  Suddenly, Bhagavan Ramana was nowhere and in His place, there was Gandhi.
In a few minutes, Bhagavan Ramana started gazing at him with a benign smile in His face.    He felt immensely pleased.

Oneday Kamath was discussing something with Devaraja Mudaliar and suddenly Bhagavan asked him:  "Who is asking this question?
Is it you or your mind?  He replied: "It is my mind."  Bhagavan then said to him:  Mind is a bundle of thoughts. So who you are, then these oscillations of mind cease to exist."  Then, Kamath took courage and asked Bhagavan:  "Is God realization possible through Karma Yoga?"  Bhagavan said: What is Karma Yoga? It is the eradication of ego.  When ego is gone, there is realization!"   

After the Mahanirvana, with years passed, he visited Sri Ramanasramam regularly.  One one occasion, the Asram devotees
asked Vithoba Kamath about his life and whereabouts.  He gave them details without knowing the reasons for the enquiry.  He was surprised to see in Mountain Path, July 1987 issue, an article about him, titled Introducing Vithoba Kamath!

In December 2005, when he had become very old, he went to Sri Ramanasramam, and did giri pradakshina with his wife, daughter and grandson. When he was about to depart, he saw the then President and introduced himself.  When the President was told that he had seen Bhagavan Ramana in his physical form, he suddenly rose from his chair and took Vithoba's hands in veneration!

(Source: Mountain Path, Deepam, 2007)

Arunachala Siva.