Author Topic: Nindastuti on Meenakshi  (Read 1935 times)


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Nindastuti on Meenakshi
« on: February 22, 2009, 12:37:53 PM »
Saint Poet Kalamegam, sang a Nindastuti, Praying as if scolding,
on Meenakshi, when he went to Madurai:

O I found a great wonder here in Madurai,
It is about Meenakshi, the princess of Pandya king,
She gave birth to Vigneswara with an elephant face,
After marrying the fellow who came to sell horses!*

(* Siva came as a horse-trader, to Madurai, to hand over
the horses to Pandya King.  Hence he is a horse-trader.
Meenkashi married him and begot an elephant faced child!
To help Manikkavachagar, who spent all the money given by
the king in building a temple at Tiru Perundurai and when
the king punished the poet for misusing the royal funds,
Siva came and handed over the horses to the Pandya King.
These were not horses, but were really foxes, and the horses
became foxes at night, and angered the king much more!)

(Source:  Stray Tamil Verses. K. Subramanya Pillai.)

Arunachala Siva.