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Bhagavan, Manikkavachagar and Tiruvachakam
« on: February 22, 2009, 11:13:57 AM »
Mr. Robert Butler, Dr. T.N. Venaktasubramanian and David Godman, together have written a long article in three parts, in Aradhana, Deepam and Advent issues of Mountain Path, 2006, on the various
quotes of Bhagavan Ramana on different occasions on Manikkavachagar's Tiruvachakam.

I shall quote them briefly.

1. In connection with a question, "Whether Jnanis have happiness
and sorrow?" posed by a young man, vide Suri Nagamma's letters,
dated 4th April 1948, Bhagavan Ramana quoted Tiru Chadhakam,
Verse 3.1.

O My Father, still this body does not all heart become,
and melt from sole of foot to crown of head,
nor transformed all into eyes, does it shed
a flood unstoppable of tears.
Truly, in one of evil karma such as I,
the heart is stone, the eyes, you knots of wood.

2. In another conversation with Mr.B.C. Das, the physics lecturer,
vide Talks No. 220, Bhagavan quoted Tiru Kotumbi, Verse 3. Mr.
Devaraja Mudaliar has mentioned in Day by Day that Bhagavan
Ramana spoke very highly of the sentiment expressed in this verse.

Do not sip the nectar,
tiny as a millet seed,
found in any flower,
but speed to that mystic dancer
and hum the praise of Him, King Bee,
He who, whenver we think of Him,
whenever we behold Him,
whenever speak of Him,
perpetually pours forth the honeyed bliss
that melts all our bones to the core.

(Siva or Bhagavan Ramana or the Arunachala Hill, has got the
same characterisitics, if one thinks, sees or speaks about them,
honeyed bliss will pour forth, and that would melt the bones to
the core.)

3. On another occasion, vide Talks No. 450, while speaking about the vision of Siva, by seekers, Bhagavan Ramana has quoted the following verse from Tiru PaLLi Ezhuchi, 5.

Apart from the claims of the learned ones,
who say, "In all the elements You dwell!"
who dance and sing, "You come not, neither do You go!"
we have neither known nor heard of anyone
who has seen You or has known You.
King of Perundurai, that cool rice fields surround!
You whom even thought is powerless reach!
You who come before us, absorbing our flaws,
subjecting us to Your compassion's rule, Our Lord,
Arise from your couch, in grace, come forth!

(When Siva is beyond even thought, how can anyone can
see Him in his real form?  All such ideas have limited the
Self to the body.  Only when the ideas of within and without,
of the subject and the object, arise.  The objective visions have
no intrinsic value.)

(Source: Robert Butler and Ors. Mountain Path, Aradhana, 2006)

Arunachala Siva.