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Tiruvembavai - 2
« on: February 21, 2009, 09:58:25 AM »
The Verse 15 of Tiruvembavai is a beauty.  Robert Butler has done an
excellent job, in translating that in English, giving the same 'bhava'.

Verse 15:  Tamil original reads as:  "Or oruhal, Emperuman enrenre.."

Upon one time, there lived
a dame who ever cried 'Our Lord, Our Lord',
His glorious name ne'er left her lips,
and in her heart was melting bliss,
whilst tears in endless streams coursed down,
as, prostrating once, she rose not from the ground.
To other Gods she gave no praise,
but only to our mighty King, like one possessed,
she homage paid.
Where is her like?
To her wise Feet, O Maids, with jewels,
upon your fuyll and shapely breasts,
we sing full-voiced and plunging bathe
within this fair and flowering flood.
El Or Empavaai!

This song gives an allusion the great woman saint Karaikal Amma.
I have given her story under 63 Siva Saints.  She became possessed with Siva devotion and after her husband forsaking her, she asked Siva to give her a form of devil so that other men in the world would not look at her with lust.  She went to Kailas and Siva and Uma came to the gates to welcome her, with Siva saying: "Amma, Uma! she is our Mother!" Karaikal Amma said that she would be ready to merge in Him, but before that, she would like to see His Cosmic Dance once!  Siva hesitated saying that He would dance that only at the end of the aeon.  Upon insistence by Karaikal Amma, He agreed to show her that dance in Tiruvalangadu, a village near Chennai.  She went there and visioned the Cosmic Dance of Siva, called Unmattha Natanam, the Dance of the Possessed!

Karaikal Amma has got another unique distinction.  Amongst the 63 Siva Saints, she is the only one who is sitting and not standing.  In
Siva temples you can see her majestically sitting with other standing saints. Because she is Mother, there is this special respect for her!

(Source: English translation by Robert Butler, Advent, 2006,
Mountain Path.)

Arunachala Siva.