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Bhagavan Ramana has always commended Tiruvembavai and Tiru
Ammanai of Manikkavachagar in Tiruvachakam.  These two hymns were composed in Tiruvannamalai, while the saint was going on giripradakshina.  Muruganar composed his Tiruvembavai on these lines.  This hymn is sung everyday in the Asramam during Dhanur month.

I had given my own translation of Tiruvembavai during dhanur month, Dec 2008-Jan 2009, in the Forum.  Robert Butler has translated these songs in English and this appeared in Mountain
Path, Advent 2006 issue. I shall give Butler's translation of a few
verses in one or two posts.

Verse 2:  It starts in Tamil, as "Pasam Paranjyoti kku enbai....."

It is ever your wont, both and day,
when ere we speak,
O Maid with flawless jewels adorned,
to offer your love to that Supernal Light.
Whence now your desire for this flowery couch?
For shame, jewelled Maiden, is it then meet
to play and jest in this holy place?
where he come in grace the grace to grant,
Of His flowery feet, that, all abashed,
the Hosts of Heaven fear to adore!
Dancer in Thillai's sacred Hall!
God Teacher! Sivaloka's Lord!
Are we not His lovers? all?
El Or Empaavai!

Butler translates the name as Tirvempaavai.  I did it as Tiruvembavai.  Because, I felt that the letter 'pa' in that place
should be pronounced in between 'pa' and 'ba', more slanting towards 'ba'. 

The girl sleeping on the flowery couch, then comes out to join the others for bathing and going to Siva temple, on the early morning of dhanur-month.  Why do they go to the temple.  The poet says in
Tirupalli Ezhuchi, to wake up Siva!  Who is sleeping?  It is we who are sleeping and not Siva!  Her is ever awake constanly dinning at our ears to wake from this long slumber of life!

(Source: Robert Butler. Mountain Path, Advent, 2006)

Arunachala Siva.