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Sona Saila Maalai
« on: February 19, 2009, 04:20:25 PM »
Sona Saila Maalai is a song garland of 100 verses, by Thuraimangalam Sivaparakasa Swamigal who lived in 17th century.
He must be of the same period or later of Guhai Namasivaya.  Swamigal was a Veera Saiva saint who knew both Kannada and Tamil.  He has translated Prabhu Linga Malai, a Kannada work and
Bhagavan Ramana used to mention about this book in His Talks.  He
has also talked about some verses of Sona Saila Maalai.  Swamigal
asks for Siva's grace in the face of his self-avowed unworthiness and in the poems he gives the nature and attributes of Siva comparing the Lord with the Hills.

Robert Butler has translated some of the verses in English and these along with his introduction appear in Mountain Path, Deepam 2006.
I have not read the Tamil original.
I shall just give one or two verse-translation to arise the curiosity of the members.

Verse 7 

The Asuras in their cities and Kama too,
about whose flowery darts
winged insects buzz and sing,
one knew your white smile as you laughed,
and the gaze that from your forehead flashed.
Shall not this wretch's dark delusion
come to know these too?

Too subtle even for thought to reach,
you are man say, but you,
this reputation to allay,
adopts this mighty physical form,
and stand for all the world to see.
Lord Sonasailan!  Kailash's Lord!

(Source: Mountain Path, Deepam, 2006)

Arunachala Siva.