Author Topic: Where can Brahma and Vishnu find Siva's Feet?  (Read 1888 times)


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Where can Brahma and Vishnu find Siva's Feet?
« on: February 19, 2009, 12:14:55 PM »
Saint Poet Kalamegam, addresses Brahma and Vishnu:

O You guys are still not able to find Siva's feet?
Go to Tiruavarur* and from there to Paravai's* house!
Stay there as steps to the house of that angry lady.
You shall surely find Siva's golden feet!

(This is the story of Tiruvarur of Sundaramoorthy, one of the 63
Siva Saints.  Sundaramoorthy got married to Sangili Nachiyar,
as his second wife.  Paravai Nachiar, his first wife living in
Tiruvarur got angry with the saint.  Sundaramoorthy, sent Siva
as a messenger for peace!  Siva went to Paravai Nachiar's house,
at the night.  The lady thought Him to be an ordinary chap and shut the door.  Siva again went again to her house, in the early morning.  By that time, the lady understood that the messenger was Siva and so she opened the doors and on Siva's mission, she found peace with
her husband.  Siva went 2 times to her house and His feet climbed the steps at the entrance of the house!  So, if Brahma and Vishnu had been those steps, they would have surely seen Siva's golden feet, which was beyond their reach in Tiruvannamalai!)   

Please also my see post on Sundaramoorthy Nayanar, one of the
63 Siva Saints.  It is he who compiled the list of devotees in his
famous poem Tiru Thondar Thohai.  Sekkizhar's Periya Puranam,
was written on the source of this long poem.

(Source: Stray Tamil Verses. K. Subramanya Pillai)

Arunachala Siva.