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Jagat Mithya --- This world is a Dream
« on: February 18, 2009, 09:47:41 AM »
Dear Friends,
          The scriptures talk about three things:
1) SAT : Changeless Truth, that Ever IS as it IS
2) ASAT: Changeless non-Truth, that never IS, never will be
3) MITHYA: Relative Truth, that appears to be true as long as one experiences it !

Jagat ... 'Jayate gachati iti jagat... that which is born and is in transit... as if going away. that is this jagat.
Take a mirage for example... someone sees water... its available to perception. but upon further validation is no more there. This further validation can be: looking at it closely, looking at it over a period of time etc.
for example a dream. the dream experience is there ... but if we wait for a few moments, it vanishes. That is a dream. While dreaming we thought that the objects we are seeing are all external... they are somewhere out there and we are interacting. That is dream. Right now also we are seeing things outside and interacting with them...:)

You are reading these letters from some person srkudai. now sir, please tell me ... are these letters and this person who wrote them... are they in your mind or here out side ? its a tough call. Please see. we are seeing in the mind... which is supposed to be reflecting what is outside. if the mind is showing it itself also, we cannot differentiate!

in other words ... the eyes seen in mind , are they outside or just in mind ?
The body seen in mind, is it outside or in mind ?

Advaita says: This body is in mind, and mind is a mere ripple in consciousness ... so Consciousness alone IS.

Why does it come to this conclusion? Coz there is absolutely no way to differentiate this experience with a so called dream experience. In the dream also ... we were thinking it is real... only when we got out of it we started to see it as unreal, dream. so too, this experience we are thinking it is real. So inability to differentiate two things means they are similar.

so jagat mithya ...

This morning the person you saw walking towards  you is in your mind !
The most beautiful girl ... she too is in your mind!
The ugliest beast is your mind!
Tsunami happened in the mind!
Mumbai attacks in the mind!
This body is in mind !

Mind alone IS ... Nay, consciousness alone IS ... Meditate thus!



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Re: Jagat Mithya --- This world is a Dream
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2009, 10:10:02 AM »
There is a beautiful verse in Kena Upanishat which goes something like this:

That which indeed is the ear of the ear, the mind of the mind, speech of the speech, the praana - Vital air of the praana and the eye of the eye. Know it to be the Brahman, realise it and become immortal

The Guru further says: AS the subject within enables the various equipments to experience their respective objects of the world as the Godhead en living the eye to see colour and form, the speech to express itself, the mind to feel emotions and the intellect to conceive itself.

That which cannot be expressed, that by which speech is expressed
That which cannot be visualized by mind, that by which the mind visualizes
That which one sees not by eye, that by which ones eyes see
That which one sustains not by Praana - Vital air, that by which Praana is sustained.

Know that to be Brahman and become immortal.

Gurudevo Paahi Paahi


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Re: Jagat Mithya --- This world is a Dream
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2009, 10:49:49 AM »
Dear srkudai, Ganesh_b01,

Nice observations.  In fact the Sanskrit word "Mithya" has no
correct English translation.  It means seemingly real or seemingly
unreal.  There are several such words in Sanskrit and other Indian
languages like Tamil, which are not translatable.  Mounam is again
not silence.  Noise is Sabdham and Silence is Nis-sabdham.  Mounam
is beyond silence and noise.  The 108 Holy Names of Bhagavan say:
Rachitala Tandavaya Namah:  O the Dance of the Mountains.  In
mounam, Arunachala and Bhagavan dance!  Similarly the Tamil
word "Thaan" has no equivalent.  It is neither I nor 'i'.  English people started calling it "I-I" for want of better equivalent!

Arunachala Siva.