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Tattva Rayar
« on: February 17, 2009, 12:20:17 PM »
In Tamil language, Saiva Siddhanta texts (Sastraic texts) are
quite in number.  Saiva Siddhantis had no quarrel with Sri Sankara,
of Advaita Vedanta, since their differences are minium.  However,
the main fight was with Jains and Buddhists and their philosophy.
In Kannada language, similarly, the Veera Saiva movement of Basavanna gave rise to a number of Saiva texts in 18th century.

Advaita original texts in Tamil language is rare.  These are mostly
translations from Sanskrit, like Vivekachoodamani, Kaivalya Navaneetam, Ribu Gita, etc.,  However there are a few original Advaitic texts.  On 17th March 1939, Bhagavan said that Tattva
Rayar was the first to pour forth Advaita philosophy in Tamil. He said that the earth was his bed, his hands were his plates for eating food, the loincloth was his clothing and thus there was no want for him.

In Maharajar Turavu, (the renunciation of the Emperor), Tattva Rayar says:  "He was seated on the bare ground, the earth was his seat, the mind was his chamaram (fan), the sky was his canopy, the renunciation was his spouse."

(Source: Arunachala's Ramana. Boundless Ocean of Grace. Volume No. 3. Sri Ramanasramam. Tiruannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.