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The glory of Madurai - 2
« on: February 13, 2009, 12:25:27 PM »
Vaigai is the river in Madurai.  It becomes full or partly filled only
during monsoon.  Otherwise it is near dry and marshy.  Bhagavan
Ramana used to go for swimming with His friends to river Vaigai,
when He was in Madurai.  Of course, this was before the great day
in August 1896.

There is one holy name in Sri Ramana Ashottaram of Viswanatha Swami.  This is No. 15. Om Sri Dwadhasandha Mahastala Labda
Vidyodaya Namah.  Salutations to One who got the Vidya in Dwadhasandham, that is Madurai.  It denotes 12 centres, that is,
six centres still above Sahasrara, where Sakti dances.   

Vaigai had been the scene of many actions.  When Kundodhara,
Siva's friend who attended Siva's wedding with Meenakshi and ate
all the food and cried for waters to drink, Siva is said to have to created this river, by asking Kundodhara to keep his hand on the ground.

Vaigai is also mentioned by Manikkavachagar.  When  sudden floods came in Vaigai, the king asked everyone to place a headload of
sands on the banks of the river to stop the flooding.  One old lady who was selling sweet rice pudding, could not do her job.  Siva appeared before her as a boy and asked for the pudding, promising to do her portion of work in carrying headload of sands to the river bed.  She did feed him but  the boy  did not do the work but was sleeping on the banks of river.  When the king came and checked, the old pudding seller pointed fingers at the boy who is her proxy for the work.  The king went to the sleeping boy, woke him up and beat him for his error of omission!  The beating with king's stick was felt by everyone in the city including the king.  The king understood the holy play and sought Siva's forgiveness.

Saint Manikkavavchagar sings:

O you made the foxes into horses,
And made all the world to know your glory,
You made the great king go mad with your jugglery,
O the Floods of Pandya kingdom! King of Tiruperundurai!
O the Rare One, I pray to you!

Arunachala Siva.