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Who Am I ?
« on: December 29, 2007, 07:14:07 PM »
:) Just see the source of the problem...

IF there were no life, there would not have been any suffering/incompleteness.
But even if there is life, if there are no thoughts, if you are totally unconscious... there is no suffering/incompleteness.
even when there are thoughts, if there is no "I" thought there is no suffering possible. Please see this within your mind. observe the notion of "I" in your mind. Mind is just an instrument in your hands. when you see something, there will be certain thoughts which are related to the experience. your past experiences are encoded in your brain and when a new experience happens the "I" thought arises and colors the thoughts.
For example, Someone tells me about a particular person. if there are no previous thoughts about the person recorded in my mind, the current thought is absolutely new and does not create any conflict in the mind. the problem occurs when there is a previous thought about the person. Then, the "I" thought colors it with its view about the person. The last time you saw this person may be about 20 years ago, in which time he might have changed totally ... but your preconditioned mind, still looks at him as the same old person ...

So note that without the "I" thought no coloring can ever happen. Lets take a closer look at the “I” thought …

“I like my friends”, Please see … the body does not have this like. Not even “life”. In the mind this conditioning is there. Born out of another conditioning that “I am a good friend”. This is the role of the “I”.
For example, in my company I am an employee. If I am not paid well, the employee role is threatened and dissatisfied. The “employee” is a role in my mind.
At my home I have my family. If my family is full of conflicts, the employee role is unaffected, but the “family man” role is disturbed.
“The possessor of the body”, “the intelligent student”, ”the honest person”, “the hindu” etc are all roles in mind. These roles, create conflicts. For example “The possessor of the body” is disturbed when he sees wrinkles appearing on his face. The face itself is untroubled. Ageing of the body is not a problem for the body. It is a problem for this particular role in mind. Even before you notice, the role takes over and starts creating conflicts.

The other day, I was supposed to go to the office early but there were some important work at the house which was important too. I had to run and the “family man” role was being constantly urged to hurry by the “employer role”.

As Sri Ramana urges, we need to see who the “I” is. What role? “I” is truly the one which plays all these roles  … Pure Awareness. Now … no need to create a new role called “Awareness” in mind. One need not “be awareness”. One is already that. So one need not create a new mental role called “Awareness”. Just Be and you are Awareness already. Put Another way, drop all roles and you are just What you are … drop all mental identities and just you remain … and then pick up any identity never forgetting that your are the one who has picked up the identity and you are not the identity.



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Re: Who Am I ?
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2008, 03:22:06 PM »
It is said in management, "do not take the home monkeys to the
organization.  Do not take the organization monkeys home."  What
Bhagavan tells is:  " Throw all the monkeys out including the tree
on which the monkeys are perched, the mind.  Here, further, it is not "throwing out" monkeys or tree, but "annihilating" them!