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The true significance of Christian faith
« on: February 06, 2009, 11:33:04 AM »
On 6th November 1935, Bhagavan Ramana gave the true significance of the Christian faith. 

Christ is the ego.
The Cross is the body.

When the ego is crucified and it perishes, what survives is the
Absolute Being. Cf. I and My Father are one. And this glorious
survival is called the Resurrection.

Major Chadwick, an ardent English devotee, asked:

"Why did Jesus call out "My God!  My God!" while being crucified?"

Bhagavan Ramana:

It might have been an intercession on behalf of the two thieves
who were crucified with Him.  Again a Jnani has attained liberation even while alive, here, and nlow.  It is immaterial as to how, where and when he leaves his body.  Some Jnanis may appear to suffer,
others may be in samadhi and still others may disappear from sight before death.  But that makes no difference to their Jnana. Such suffering is apparent only to the onlooker and not to the Jnani, for he has already transcended the mistaken identity of the Self with the body.

Major Chadwick further asked:

What is the significance of Christ in the illumination of St. Paul?

Bhagavan Ramana:

Illumination is Absolute, not associated with forms.  After St. Paul
became Self-conscious he identified the illumination with Christ-

Major Chadwick:  But Paul was not a lover of Christ then?

Bhagavan Ramana:

Love or hatred is immaterial.  The thought of Christ was there.
It is similar to Ravana'scase.  Christ-consciousness and Self Realization are all the same.

Again, later Bhagavan Ramana explained, the Trinity.

God the Father represents Iswara.
God the Holy Spirit represents Atman.
God the Son represents Guru. 

(Source: Talks, Munagala Venkatramiah)

Arunachala Siva.