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Siddhis and the glory of Siddhas
« on: February 05, 2009, 01:25:34 PM »
Chapter XVIII, last stanza of Sri Ramana Gita reads:  The glory of the siddhas is past imagination, they are equal to Siva, yea Siva Himself, in being able to grant boons.

The meaning is that with Self Realization, real and incessant tapas results. With the maturing of such tapas, some Jnanis can make their bodies intangible and invisible. They are known as Siddhas.

Later, "the greatness of the Siddhas is incomprehensible. They are equal to Siva and can even grant boons.", so said Bhagavan Ramana.

What is the distinction between the Jnani and the Siddha? and the ability of the latter to grant boons, implying the absence of it in the former?

This was the doubt. The Master explained:

The Gita questions were asked in a certain spirit.  The answers were according to it.  People look to the body only and they want siddhis also. With Self Realization, no powers can extend even into it. And how can they extend beyond? People anxious for siddhis are not content with their idea of Jnana and so want siddhis associated with it. They are likely to ignore the supreme happiness of Jnana and aspire for siddhis. For this, they are going through the bylanes instead of the royal path and so will likely lose their way.  In order to guide them aright and keep them on the royal road alone the siddhis are said to accompany Jnana. In fact, Jnana comprises all, and a Jnani will not waste even a thought on them. Let the people seek Jnana first and then seek siddhis, if they so desire.

I have said: sarira samsrayah siddhayah, the siddhis relate to the body, because their outlook is concerning the body.  A Jnani and a siddha are not different.  In varnam datum, to bestow boons, the boons include atmalabha, the gain of the Self, also.  The siddhis are not merely of an inferior order but of the highest  order.

The sastras are meant to suit varying conditions.  Their spirit remains the same. In Halasya Mahima, there is a chapter on the
eight fold siddhis. There Siva says that His bhakta never wastes a thought on them. Again Siva says that He never grants boons.  The desires of the devotees merely got fulfilled according to their prarabdha only.  When Iswara Himself says so, what of others?
In order to display siddhis, there must be others to recognize them. That means there is no Jnana in the one who displays them. Therefore Jnana in the one, who displays them. Therefore siddhis are not worthy of any thought. Jnana alone is to be aimed and gained.

(Source: Talks, Munagala Venkatramaiah.)

Arunachala Siva.